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About the Busby's Bore Project

Sydney's CBD parks - The Royal Botanic Gardens, Domain, Hyde Park, Cook and Phillip Parks currently use 487 million litres of precious drinking water every year. As Sydney copes with drought conditions and voluntary water restrictions, this is unsustainable use of valuable drinking water!

As a part of Clean Up Australia's Clean Water Campaign, The Busby's Bore Project will ensure that unused water from the historic Bore will be redirected to irrigate Sydney City's iconic green parks.

The New South Wales Government recently pledged $430,000 to fund Stage One of the project championed by Clean Up Australia that will see the historic Busby's Bore reconnected to Cook and Phillip Park in 2007 by Sydney Water..

Completed in 1837 the Bore served as the second major water supply for Sydney for almost 60 years. However pollution began to infiltrate the system in the early 1890s and Busby's Bore was decommissioned. Today the Bore water is clean but is wasted, flowing into the sewerage.

Stage Two of the Busby’s Bore project is seeking to drought proof the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain by supplying 110 million litres of recycled water each year. In 2006 Clean Up Australia worked with our key partners the Thomsonkane hydraulic engineers , Veolia Water Australia , Veolia Water Solutions & Technology , Sydney Water Corporation , Nix Management and Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust to develop the 2004 Feasibility Report.

This detail planning was also supported by Lippmann and Associates architects , SKM environmental planning , Godden Mackay Logan heritage consultants , Elton Consulting community relations consultants , Reed Group construction , Woolacotts consulting engineers , Vinidex suppliers of water pipes , RailCorp for use of St James Lake.

Clean Up Australia is currently reviewing funding opportunities for Stage 2.

Clean Up Australia acknowledges and thanks the generous and ongoing support of all our partners in the Busby’s Bore project. This work has inspired others to identify opportunities for recycling and reusing water in urban areas.

Stage 3 of the Busby’s Bore project is looking at using the disused RailCorp tunnel known as St James Lake to store water for reuse along Macquaire Street. In 2007 Parilament House obtained funding to reuse cooling tower water and collect rainwater from the roof for reuse in cooling towers and toilets in the Parliamentry precinct. NSW Commerce and RailCorp are assisting in this Stage of the Clean Up Australia Busby’s Bore project.

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Kay, Clean Water Project Advisor on (02) 9692 1204