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Schools Clean Up Day 2011

Schools Clean Up Day 2011 event was held on Friday 4 March 2011, however we encourage schools to perform Year Round Clean Ups.

Inspiring children to care for the environment is a vital part of Clean Up Australia. Since 1992 Schools Clean Up Day has allowed school students to participate in Clean Up Australia as part of their school community.

On Friday 5 March 2010, students from more than 2,100 schools across Australia took part in Schools Clean Up Day.

Your school can make any day a Clean Up day by registering with us. We will send you a kit containing a promotional poster and certificate of participation.

How to Register your School

Step 1 - Register your School
Register your school on our website by clicking Create a Clean Up Site. Follow the steps to register your school. Note that all School Sites registered are private and details are not placed online. This means that you will not attract volunteers from outside the school.

Step 2- Receive your Schools Clean Up Kit
Once you have registered your Site we will send you a Clean Up kit by request containing everything you need to plan your event as well as a promotional poster and certificate of participation.

Unfortunately we aren't able to provide the School Sites with bags and gloves (excluding SA) so we would suggest Site Supervisors encourage the students to bring in a bag and a pair of gardening gloves from home.

Step 3 - Promote your Schools Clean Up Day amongst students and staff

Read the site guide in your Clean Up kit for ideas on how to promote your Clean Up Site and download additional materials.

Step 4 - Preparation for your Clean Up event

Read the site guide in your Clean Up kit for information on how to prepare for your event. If you are venturing outside the school grounds, make sure you conduct a Site inspection beforehand and implement any risk controls.  Make sure your school skip bin is large enough to hold the rubbish you plan to collect. If not, please liaise with your waste contractor or local council to ensure rubbish is removed at the end of your Schools Clean Up Day event.

Have fun on the Day!  Please fill in your End of Clean Up Report after the event and return to Clean Up Australia.  Your feedback is important to us.

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