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Aussies do their bit on Clean Up Australia Day

Sunday, 6 March 2011

An estimated 565,631 volunteers pitched in for Clean Up Australia Day – showing that even as the wild weather leaves a trail of destruction across the nation, it has not dented Australia’s community spirit.

Armed with gloves and bags, volunteers gathered at 7,477 registered sites across Australia to participate in the 21st Clean Up Australia Day. Focusing on our nation’s beaches, streets, parks, bushland and waterways, volunteers removed the country’s most frequently dropped items – including cigarette butts and recyclables such as glass, plastics and paper – as well as clearing flood, cyclone and bushfire debris.

Headquartered in Brisbane this year, Clean Up Australia Day Chairman and founder, Ian Kiernan AO comments: “We chose to HQ here because in 2011 Queensland represents the united energy of the nation. This time last year Australia was drought stricken, today it is flooded, and tomorrow… who knows. It’s predicted that wild weather will continue to visit our shores.”

“Community response in times of crisis shows how much we care for one another, how we look out for our neighbours and how we respond quickly when needed. 2011 Clean Up Australia Day is the time when together we turn our attention to the shared spaces. The turnout of volunteers demonstrates the commitment the people of Australia have towards their environment and community.”

This year’s results reveal that an estimated 565,631 volunteers are removing a staggering 16,449 tonnes of rubbish from 7,477 sites around the country. This includes 216 priority sites registered by Brisbane City Council.

Over its 21 year history volunteers have transformed the nation on Clean Up Australia Day. In total, they have devoted more than 25 million hours, removing an estimated 253,780 tonnes of rubbish.

“I want to pay tribute to all the Australian volunteers for your amazing efforts over the past 21 years. Every person involved – the volunteers, the councillors and local government workers, the guys driving the trucks collecting the bags of rubbish (as we speak), our sponsors and donors who have funded this journey and the media who help us spread the word – every one of you embodies the spirit of Australia.”

“The legacy of Clean Up Australia is proven action and behavioural change. This is the year when we need to seriously think about how we live and change our relationship with our environment. We are all in this together and we need to continue to work as a community to make every day a Clean Up Day.”

“If you couldn’t join us today it’s not too late. Everyone can make today their first day of action. Our work is far from done and communities still need our help. Thousands will continue their local clean up beyond today and we will be there to support them for as long as it takes.”

Working with limited resources, Clean Up Australia Day is a not-for-profit organisation and is not government funded. The organisation relies on sponsors and donors to supply resources and will continue to provide free bags, gloves and other equipment for as long as it has the funds to do so.

If you couldn’t take to the streets today, you can still do your bit by donating via the Clean Up Australia website (http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/donate) or at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank.

If every Aussie gave just $1 we could make every day a Clean Up Day.

Registered sites by state @ 05/03/2011, 3pm (AEST)

New South Wales

  • 2871 sites
  • CUAD: 1669
  • SCUD: 1090
  • BCUD: 112
  • Est Volunteers: 241,990
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 6,316


  • 1369 sites
  • CUAD: 898
  • SCUD: 403
  • BCUD: 68
  • Est Volunteers: 96,797
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 3,012


  • 1495 sites (including 216 BCC sites)
  • CUAD: 1088 (including 216 BCC sites)
  • SCUD: 343
  • BCUD: 64
  • Est Volunteers: 90,289
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 3,289
South Australia
  • 600 sites
  • CUAD: 322
  • SCUD: 257
  • BCUD: 21
  • Est Volunteers: 55,221
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 1,320
Western Australia
  • 583 sites
  • CUAD: 378
  • SCUD: 174
  • BCUD: 31
  • Est Volunteers: 41,596
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 1,283


  • 295 sites
  • CUAD: 176
  • SCUD: 98
  • BCUD: 21
  • Est Volunteers: 22,620
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 649
Australian Capital Territory
  • 120 sites
  • CUAD: 79
  • SCUD: 34
  • BCUD: 7
  • Est Volunteers: 8,272
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 264
Northern Territory
  • 67 sites
  • CUAD: 33
  • SCUD: 26
  • BCUD: 8
  • Est Volunteers: 5,726
  • Est Tonnes of rubbish collected: 147


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