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Innovation Key To Changing Australian Businesses Environmental Practices

Media Release - 1 March 2010

Today, Clean Up Australia Day announces a 25 per cent increase in the number of corporations taking part in Business Clean Up Day: an initiative designed specifically to give businesses the opportunity to give back by helping to improve the quality of the environment.

Ian Kiernan AO, Chairman and founder of Clean Up Australia, said: “The increasing number of organisations signing up to Business Clean Up Day clearly shows that taking environmental action makes good business sense, and the number of registrations are still continuing to rise.  A number of businesses, including our sponsors, are implementing innovative solutions to improve their organisational environmental practices, to give back to communities and do their part to help the environment.”

This year Clean Up Australia celebrates its 20th Anniversary and Business Clean Up Day (Tuesday 2nd  March) is Clean Up Australia’s annual event for businesses to get involved, by helping out and implementing changes to their everyday practices. Corporations across the globe now pride themselves on their philanthropic responsibilities, with environmental awareness and sustainability becoming a must-have part of the business world. Some of the greatest environmental challenges businesses currently face include the disposal of electronics, such as computers, mobile phones and all of the associated consumables.

There are a number of ways in which businesses can take part in Clean Up Australia, including:

  • Registering a site for staff and inviting families, suppliers and clients to join in.
  • Cleaning up the office and undertaking a new initiative to improve your business’ sustainability over the next year.
  • Becoming a Business Supporter by donating to Clean Up Australia to help the ongoing development and maintenance of the charity’s environmental campaigns and initiatives.*
  • Joining our Club ‘Team Just 1’ - a consortium of businesses that want to make a difference and get involved at a higher level than a Business Supporter.

Business Partnership Success
When Clean Up forms a business partnership it is on the basis that each organisation not only benefits from brand association, but that the shared business philosophy of wanting to make a difference is demonstrated through the development of initiatives that help the business and its customers reduce their impact on the environment – making every day a Clean Up day.

As the founding partner of Clean Up Australia Day, McDonalds has directly supported more than 11 million volunteers who have helped to clean up almost 256,000 Ute loads of rubbish from over 130,000 sites across the country.

A new initiative for McDonald’s in 2010 is the introduction of mobile phone collection bins in 200 restaurants nationally, encouraging customers to donate their old phones. The collection bins provide a quick and easy solution for customers to dispose of their mobile phones, reducing the number of phones and their batteries being dumped in landfill sites.

Veolia Environment is a perfect fit for Clean Up – providing waste and water management, integrated public transport, and energy management services in Australia and globally.  Veolia has been a partner of Clean Up since 2000 and in 2009 it expanded its existing pre-paid recycling solution RecyclePak; a pre-paid recycling system for the recovery of recyclable content from fluorescent lighting, mobile phones and batteries. RecyclePak is particularly unique because it offers a solution for small quantity recycling of said products, which traditionally has always been difficult.
RecyclePak is available to manufacturers, distributors, facility managers and industrial and retail industries. RecyclePak can be implemented in a business through the placement of various sized receptacles on-site, and once full, the customer can have the contents collected, recycled and is subsequently presented with full certification to show the materials have been recovered at a fully licensed recycling facility.

Commonwealth Bank
In order to cut down the use and waste of paper, Commonwealth Bank launched its online statements campaign, which has been a tremendous success. Through this campaign launched in 2008, the Bank encourages customers to switch from paper to online statements. Since that time over 11.8 million sheets of paper have been saved.

The Bank joined Clean Up Australia Day as a major sponsor in 2009 – a partnership they have embraced with a passion on a national scale and this year the Commonwealth Bank has registered over 50 individual sites, cleaning up across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

As part of their environmental vision and long standing partnership with Clean Up Australia, SANYO has partnered with a number of green initiatives to encourage better environmental practices including the unique sponsorship of Clean Up Australia Day’s Schools Eco Education Program and the 2010 Green Teacher Awards – both of which aim to nurture and support the cause of sustainability and encourage the spread of environmental awareness in schools.  SANYO has also been actively involved in the industry led development of Australia’s new National Waste Policy addressing e-Waste in Australia for End of Life Electronics – a policy made by Australia’s Environment Ministers through the Environmental Protection Heritage Council (EPHC) late last year.

In striving to achieve its target of a 25% reduction in waste to landfill by 2011, Qantas, a partner of Clean Up for just over a decade,  has introduced a new onboard recycling program on selected domestic economy services. As part of the service Qantas separates its recyclable items on board, and through this new initiative, plans to recycle approximately eight and a half million bottles, cups, tumblers and cans per year from domestic services.

Current business supporters include:
Avant Insurance Ltd
Symantec (Australia)
Fujitsu Ten Australia Pty. Ltd
Wandoan Coal Project, Xstrata Coal

Moore Stephens Melbourne
Astron Environmental Services
Fuji Xerox
APT Management Services
Energizer Australia Pty Limited
JP Kenny
Jim Skip Bins

For further information or interviews contact:
Kate Talbot :  8260 2845 / 0415 520 964 or Sophie Coleman : 8260 2841 / 0406 648 144; cleanup@thisismango.com.au