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NSW steps towards a Container Deposit Scheme

Today in the NSW Parliament the Greens announced that they are drafting a bill for a Container Deposit Scheme which is an important step to keep bottles and cans out of our environment. This will make NSW the 7th state or territory that discusses or has implemented a container deposit scheme.

A Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) involves you paying a10cent deposit, which is included in the purchase price, and then being able to return your container to a designated recycling agent to receive your deposit cash back. Because of the new value attached to bottles and cans they will no more end up in the environment but be brought back to a recycling agent.  

Ian Kiernan AO, Chairman and Founder of Clean Up Australia commented on the environmental effects of containers,”Australians use up to 13 billion containers every year. Beverage related rubbish is still the most common type of rubbish found by our volunteers on Clean Up Australia Day. Across the country it represents 48% of reported rubbish which is disgraceful. When bottles and cans end up in the environment they are not just an eyesore, they harm wildlife and become killers if mistaken for food”.

A strong supporter of the proposal he said, “The introduction of a CDS in NSW would help us reduce the amount of containers that are ending up in our environment and increase recycling rates of beverage containers from 40% up to 80%.”

In August 2012 our Federal and State Environment Ministers will meet to decide between a national refund scheme versus public place recycling.
“A state based Container Deposit Scheme would be a fantastic step but to protect our environment across the whole country we need a national scheme - and we need the community’s support to help achieve this”, Mr Kiernan said.

“We are calling on the community to lobby their State Ministers to vote YES for a CDS in August. We know that 88% of Australians surveyed responded positively that a 10c deposit and refund scheme would encourage more people to recycle bottles and cans. So let’s make it a reality.”

“Show our ministers what you think about a Container Deposit Scheme by using our online form http://www.cleanup.org.au/au/get-active-mp-letter to send a message telling them Australia is ready for the Scheme that reduces drink related waste in our environment.

For more information on Container Deposit Schemes visit www.cleanup.org.au or follow us on facebook or Twitter to keep up to date on the campaigns progress.


For further information please contact:
Lexia McColl-Jones: 02 8197 3408 or lexia@cleanup.com.au

Download the full media release (63.34kb)