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WALL-E joins forces with Clean Up Australia

Media Release - 14 January, 2009

WALL-E, waste collector robot and this year’s new movie sensation, is urging Australians to take action to protect the environment by getting involved in Clean Up Australia Day.

Coinciding with the launch of WALL-E on DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def on 14th January 2009, Wall-E and Clean Up Australia are working together with a focus on encouraging participation in the nationwide Schools Clean Up Day on February 27.

Clean Up Australia Chairman, Ian Kiernan AO says it’s fantastic to see an international movie house taking part in local activities to improve the environment.

"WALL-E has the right idea. Turning waste into a resource that we can all benefit from is what Clean Up Australia Day is all about and I hope everyone can learn from the movie and spare a few hours to get involved and help make a difference."

Clean Up Australia is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Ian Kiernan in 1989. On Clean Up Australia Day it is the community taking simple, practical steps to help improve the health of the local environment and also learn more about reducing, recycling, reusing and avoiding waste at the same time.

“Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment feels strongly about taking part in local activities as they create an opportunity for groups with similar goals and messages to communicate with more impact and to provide relevance in the local market”, says Rowena Isarael, Product Manager – TV Series/Animation of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.   

WALL-E, touted as the year’s most acclaimed and original film, encapsulates strong environmental messages. Clean Up Australia is a truly relevant group with which to partner in order to ensure that WALL-E and Clean Up Australia’s messages are spread to Australians everywhere.

This collaboration culminates in a relationship for the 2009 Clean Up Schools Day which launches on 27th February 2009.  Schools Clean Up Day is a great way for students to learn how to reduce the impact of waste on the environment and make a real difference to their local community.

Together, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s WALL-E and Clean Up Australia have an opportunity to work together to educate today’s school children.

"I hope children and their families are inspired by WALL-E to get more involved in caring for their environment. Clean Up Australia Day on March 1st and Schools Clean Up Day on February 27 are ideal ways to make a difference. I hope to see you there."

For additional information regarding WALL-E please contact:
Camilla Speirs at Haystac
E: c.speirs@haystac.com.au P: 03 8689 2298 or M: 0409 359 339
For additional information regarding Clean up Australia please contact:
Paul Sheridan
E: paul@essentialmedia.com.au or M: 0410 516 656.