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Get active for a Container Deposit Scheme


Everyone can be part in helping us promoting a national Container Deposit Scheme. You yourself, your organisation, or your community group. Everyone can take action.

> Write to your State Minister today*

Mail, Sing, Wear

The Boomerang Alliance has developed a variety of helpful tools:

  • Online letter : Send an email to the Environment Minister addressing your concerns with this online form  
  • Postcard: Write to the Environment Minister with our cool Cash for Container postcard.
  • Song: join in to sing the 10 cent a bottle song. An entertaining way to spread the word about Container Deposit
  • T-Shirt: buy a Cash for Containers T-Shirt to support the campaign. Now available on our online store .

Share, Post, Like

  • Join us on Facebook: go to www.facebook.com/CleanUpAust and "like" us.   
  • Join us in our Coca Cola Boycott
  • Email this page: Use the "Email this page" function at the top of this page. The more people know and support CDS the more pressure is on the ministers to act
  • Spread the word: use your Facebook or Twitter account to talk about this issue. It is important that the community is engaged, social networking is a great tool to start a dialogue.
  • Talk, talk, talk: talking to people in person is the best way to get them inspired. Use this information for a casual chat with your family, friends, neighbour or colleague.  

Thanks for your support!

Cash for Containers Song (1686.43kb)

 *Clean Up Australia is proud to be a member of the Boomerang Alliance , a group of Australia's leading environmental groups committed to zero waste in Australia. When you complete the online form to let your State Minister know about the importance of a Container Deposit Scheme, you will receive message from all of us at the Boomerang Alliance to say thank you for your support.