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The most up-to-date way to see all the news on the Container Deposit Scheme is to visit our facebook page (don't forget to 'like' us!)

If you're not a social media fan then here are the most recent updates:

1 December 2017: New South Wales Return & Earn goes Live - with mixed results

12 September 2017:  West Australian scheme delivery confirmed by the government to commence January 2019

5 September 2017: Queensland scheme passed into law - delivery due July 2018

16 February 2017: NSW Implementation date delayed to 1 December 2017.

Clean Up Australia supports delay in the implementation of a state wide container refund scheme for NSW  for one very good reason: We want the scheme to work for everyone across the state.

The infrastructure to allow people to redeem their deposits is not nearly in place. This would have meant that people across the state would have started to pay the 10c deposit from 1 July with no hope of being able to redeem their refund.

Some people may have had the facilities to stockpile - but most would not.

The reality is the roll out of the infrastructure to deliver depots and RVMs across the state has been more complex than the government realised. The timeframe for implementation was unrealistically tight - made worse by council amalgamations and the associated impact on DA approvals.

The community consultation process has also been more extensive than originally planned - which is a good thing because tailor made solutions with 10-15 year horizons are needed.

The 1 December 2017 deadline is fixed - with the promise of 85% of the infrastructure being operational by then. Remote communities [the additional 15%] will be in place by February 2018.

17 August 2016: the West Australian government announces it will also adopt a container refund scheme 

22 July 2016: Queensland announces container deposit scheme to be implemented mid 2018

8 May, 2016: Winners are Grinners as the NSW Government announces that, after broad community and industry consultation, it is adopting the community led proposal for a container refund scheme for NSW. This historic announcement paves the way for an eastern seaboard solution and marks the culmination of 13 years of campaigning by groups including Clean Up Australia and our volunteers

February 2016: Call to action for NSW - make a submission as part of the community consultation process

September 2015: Clean Up Australia joins the NSW Container Deposit Scheme Community and Local Government Working Group

July 2015: Clean Up Australia joins the Queensland Government's Advisory Panel to review and recommend options for a Queensland Container Refund Scheme

20 May 2015: We welcomed the announcement that Queensland will examine what a container deposit scheme could look like.
As one of the most rubbished states in Australia, with beverage containers representing 37.5% of Top Ten rubbish items reported by you, we are calling on the state government to slow the tide of wasted resource by implementing a proven scheme that will capture and recycle these items BEFORE they become part of the scenery.

16 May 2015: The Beverage Industry lobbies for an alternative CDS scheme 'Thirst for Good' . Deemed inadequate and tokenistic by environmental groups, we call on people to let the Environment Minister know their thoughts.

4 March 2015: Bipartisan support for NSW implementation of our cash for containers scheme with Luke Foley pledging his support

20 February 2015: It's official, NSW Government has committed to the implementation of a container refund scheme, with Premier Mike Baird announcing a 10c deposit via reverse vending technology effective July 2017

 7 January 2015: Victorian Environment Minister, Lisa Neville, refuses to acknowledge benefits of a container refund scheme

4 January 2015: NSW Premier Mike Baird announced intention to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme for NSW

December 16, 2014: 5 trillion reasons for a CDS 

December 11: How badly do you want a CDS in your state? Help by signing up today

December 10, 2014: Twitter Storm , calling for a CDS #CashforContainers

November 2, 2014: If you need more reasons to say YES to a Container refund scheme 

October 27, 2014: 2 Minute Facebook Poll - Would you pay a 10C refundable deposit? %% Likes and 16 shares

October 23, 2014: Give Frank a break - Australian Marine Conservation Society call for a Container refund Scheme

October 6, 2014: Mountains of Plastic Bottles in the Maldives

September 11 2014: 2 Minute Clean Up along the Hume Highway

September 10 2014: A social experiment

August 18 2014: Call for Victorians to let their MP's know they support the introduction of a container refund scheme 

August 15 2014: Ian Kiernan urges Victorians to sign the 10c Deposit Now Petition

August 11, 2014: Hundreds of volunteers come together to build a 7m turtke out of bottles and cans in Federation Square, Melbourne

July 21 2014: Ian Kiernan visited John Sidoti - MP for Drummoyne, NSW - who is supportive

July 16 2014: The Sydney Daily Telegraph article generates heated community debate abut the costs and benefits of a container refund scheme

June 23 2014: City of Sydney installs three reverse vending machines at Dixon Street Mall, Haymarket and Circular Quay. A six month trial, tourists and locals are encouraged to deposit their plastic bottles and metal cans, turning them into vouchers or a donation to Clean Up Australia

June 19 2014: Ian Kiernan met with Matt Kean, member for Hornsby at Parliament House, Sydney

June 3 2014: Ian Kiernan planned to visit Minister Anthony Roberts of Lane Cove at Level 3 Suite 302, 230 Victoria Road Gladesville NSW 2111 at 10am; but the meeting was postponed due to a lack of confirmation from the Minister's office

June 2 2014: Ian Kiernan visiting Minister Garry Edwards of Swansea at Shop 1 204-206 Pacific Highway Swansea NSW 2281 at 1pm

June 2 2014: Ian Kiernan visiting Minister Chris Holstein of Gosford at 20 Blackwall Road, Woy Woy, NSW 2250 at 10am 

May 23 2014: Ian Kiernan visiting Minister Matt Kean of Hornsby at Suite 5 the Madison, 25-29 Hunter Street, Hornsby, NSW 2077 at 2pm

May 23 2014: Ian Kiernan visiting Minister Ray Williams of Hawkesbury at Suite 202 Rousehill Town Centre, 10-14 Market Lane Rouse Hill NSW 2155 at 10am 

May 22 2014: Ian Kiernan meeting with Minister Dominic Perrottet of Castle Hill at 287c, Old Northern Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 at 9am 

May 20 2014: Ian Kiernan visits Minister Andrew Rohan of Smithfield at 2/679 the Horsely Drive Smithfield NSW 2164 at 11:45am

May 20 2014: Ian Kiernan visits Minister Glenn Brookes of East Hills at 20 Revesby Place, Revesby NSW 2212 at 10am

May 19 2014: Community cabinet meeting at Club Central, 2 Crofts Avenue, Hurstville

May 19 2014: Community rally at St. George Regional Community Cabinet Meeting  from 5:30 to 6:30pm 

May 19 2014: Ian Kiernan visiting Cooks River Clean up at Ewen Park, Hurlstone Park at 3 to 4:30pm 

April 30 2014: Decision stalled yet again. We question - is this political suicide?

April 29 2014: Environment Ministers meet. We seek action

April 11 2014: Confused by claims and counter claims about the impacts of a Container Refund Scheme? This infograhic might just help

April 4 2014: Community Cabinet comes to Casula, NSW. Locals urged to attend to have their say

March 27 2014: People of NSW urged to contact premier Barry O'Farrell to lodge their suport for a container refund scheme. More info

February 26 2014: Trashie Selfie launched. More info

February 21 2014: Ian Kiernan apprears on Wake-Up. More info

February 18 2014: Warnambool Coastcare Festival hands out 10c for bottles and cans cashed in

February 17 2014: Cooks River Bottle Tossers call on communities to contact NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell in support of a 10c Refund scheme

December 16 2013: Tasmanian Councils could save up to $1.3 million annually. More info

October 8 2013: marked the 10th Anniversary of the campaign for a Container Refund Scheme

September 30 2013: Radio Advertising - calling for community support in NSW commences. More info

September 27 2013: Sydney Morning herald alleges KAB has been facilitating ministerial lobbying meetings against the introduction of a national container refund scheme. More info

August 16 2013: Ian Kiernan, Boomerang Alliance and greenpeace deliver an invoice to Coca Cola for reimbursement of costs to the people of the NT while their state government supported their refunds

August 14 2013: Glebe community introduced to the convenience of reverse vending for bottles and cans at a local community day

August 10 2013: Coogee community introduced to the convenience of reverse vending for bottles and cans at a local community day

August 6 2013: NT VICTORY - in a blow to CCA state and Territory ministers support reinstatement of the NT refund scheme. More info

July 31 2013: Call to action to petition VIC Premier and Environment Minister for their support

July 5 2013: Community call to action to support Territorians as theri state government garners support for legislation to continue their refund scheme

June 7 2013: Victorian Premier Denis Napthine comes under attack for his support of a container refund scheme. More info

 May 23 2013: Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings announces $50,000 for a cost benefit analysis of a stste based refund scheme. More info

May 22 2013: Petitions delivered to NSW Politicians

May 1 2013: Litter scandal exposed in Darling Harbour. More info

April 22 2013 - NT achieved bipartisan national support for their container refund scheme. More info

April 15 2013 - Check how ytour state rates on the liklihood of bottles and cans being a rubbish item. More info

April 12 2013 - The Northern Territory Government achieves suport from all states and territories. More info

April 12 2013 - Tim Strom, Real News Network, releases his report on the status of deliberations so far. More info

April 12 2013 - Victorian Premier Dennis Napthine publicly announces support for a national refund scheme, stating he is keen to pursue the opportunities in Victoria. More info

April 11 2013 - GreenPeace sends an open letter to Coke's Australian MD. More info

April 11 - The NT Government announced they have secured support from all Australian jurisdictions for the Territory's bid to get a Commonwealth exemption to keep their popular container recycling scheme going. More info

April 11 - The COAG meeting of state environment ministers rebuffs Coca Cola's attempts to derail the intruduction of a national container refund scheme by annnouncing they would deal with the final assessment of the scheme as soon as possible.

March 2013- The ACT Legislative Assembly today passed a motion to support the progress of CDS across Australia. More info  

March  2013 - The NT Government has pledged to underwrite the scheme for the next 8 weeks, they will continue to pay the 10cents refund while give time for the legal processes to work. Read the full press release

March  2013 - A welcome breakthrough as the Senate unanimously votes to support the continued operation of the Northern Territory's Container Deposit Scheme. Read the full press release

March  2013 - Full page print ad in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age showing a dead Shearwater bird with a stomach full of plastic and a call to NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell to stand up to Coke's bullying and help the 'Cash for container's campaign go national. View the ad

March 2013 - Coca Cola issue a press release to try and finally get some good publicity. It fails and the Australian public see through the propaganda. Read some of the comments regarding the press release.  Coke claim that the National Bin Network is the best way forward but this scheme has been proven to be far less successful than CDS. Firstly because if relies on people to actually put their rubbish in the bin in the first place. Secondly the rubbish needs to go in the correct bin, if a recycle bin contains over 7% of the wrong rubbish it will ALL go straight to landfill. CDS works as there are always going to be people to will litter, but if there is a 10c value on each of the bottles and cans then there will always be someone who picks them up and collects the cash.

March 2013 - Huge backlash on social media against Coca Cola, Lion Nathan and Schweppes for effectively saying they are against recycling and helping the environment. Tens of thousands of Australian pledge to boycott them and their products. 

March 2013 5pm - Coca Cola, Lion Nathan and Schweppes have won the court case against the NT government to stop their container deposit scheme. Very disappointing news for the environment.

March 2013 10am - Ian Kiernan, our Chairman and Founder, pays a visit to Coca Cola Amatil headquarters to return some of the bottles and cans collected on Clean Up Australia Day. He was stopped by 6 policemen - what a ridiculous waste of poice resources! Photo of Ian at Coke headquarters

March 2013 - On Clean Up Australia Day, approximately 40% of the rubbish collected nationally were beverage containers.  In South Australia, where they have a successful Container Deposit Scheme, the figure is just 10%.

February 2013 - The online petition set up by Greenpeace to campaign for a CDS has over 40,000 signatures in just one week. If you'd like to sign it click here

February 19th 2013 - The Federal Court heard Coca Cola's, Lion Nathan's and Schweppes' challenge to the NT's Container Deposit Scheme.  Th judge stated he would hand his decision down in 2 weeks. The argument by the beverage companies is that the scheme is illegal due to the Mutual Recognition Act of 1992.  The act states that there should be free movement of goods and service providers throughout Australia, and therefore the scheme breaches Commonwealth law because it required different production processes for the same products in different states and territories. The Nt argued that their scheme should be exempt because it was aimed at reducing environmental harm.  South Australia also have a CDS but theirs was brought in before the act was passed.

Support us in the call for a Container Deposit Scheme

We know that more than 82% of the community supports a national container deposit scheme. Show our ministers what you think about a Container Deposit Scheme. Use our online Ministers Letter tool to send a note to your State Minister.

-> Write a letter to your Minister now!

*Clean Up Australia is proud to be a member of the Boomerang Alliance , a group of Australia's leading environmental groups committed to zero waste in Australia. When you complete the online form to let your State Minister know about the importance of a Container Deposit Scheme, you will receive a message from all of us at the Boomerang Alliance to say thank you for your support.

Why we need a Container Deposit Scheme

We all use beverage containers every day to hold our soft drink, water, milk, fruit juice and alcohol.

… but they can be a killer 

Australians use up to 13 billion containers every year. Beverage related rubbish is the most common type found by our volunteers on Clean Up Australia Day. Across the country it represents 48% of reported rubbish. When bottles and cans end up in the environment they are not just an eyesore they harm wildlife, becoming killers if mistaken for food. 

So why not reuse them?

All containers, whether they are glass, metal or plastic, are made from materials that are in finite supply. These materials can be remanufactured many times when they are collected correctly, saving energy, water and virgin stock.

Glass and metal containers can be cleaned and reused or crushed for remanufacture.

Containers that have been designed for single use e.g., soft drink and water plastic bottles, should not be reused, as they have chemicals within their make-up that leach. This is especially a problem with bottles that are stored in cars that have been parked in the sun.

Recycling is good but a Container Deposit Scheme is even better

Recycling is an effective and easy way of collecting materials for remanufacturing, but the recycling of beverage containers, in particular those consumed away-from-home, is poor with rates of recycling for glass as low as 40% and plastics (PET) a shameful 27%.

There are many people, including high profile brands within the beverage industry, who support public place recycling as the preferred option to increase recycling rates. But for the vast number of non-managed public place recycling bins, the level of contamination is between 10-20%. Anything above 3% is sent to landfill. Why would this be a good solution to our rubbish problem?

A 10cent deposit gives people an incentive for returning containers for recycling. This is where a Container Refund Scheme plays a vital role because it establishes a system that is proven to increase recycling rates around the world. South Australia has had a Container Deposit scheme in place for over 30 years and has a proud recycling rate of 75-85%. The Northern Territory launched their scheme in January – already reporting around 6 million containers that have been diverted from landfill or our environment.

How does a Container Refund Scheme work?

It’s just as easy as purchasing the drink. You pay a 10cent deposit which is included in your purchase price, enjoy your refreshment and then you return your container to a designated recycling agent to receive your cash back. This is what makes it a deposit versus a tax. The 10c keeps going around and around. Check out this video and share it with your friends and family.

What can you do?

Nearly 90% of Australians we surveyed responded that they agreed that a 10c deposit and refund scheme would encourage more people to recycle bottles and cans.

Clean Up Australia believes that a Container Refund Scheme will help us reduce the amount of containers that are ending up in our environment

We need to take action to ensure we look our precious environment for future generations.

-> Write a letter to your Minister now!   

Check out this video and share it with your friends and family. 

You can do even more

Support us by donating today so that we can all enjoy a litter free environment tomorrow.

Your donation will be directly allocated to our campaign of lobbying for the introduction of a National Container Refund Scheme. We’ll be actively engaging with people right across Australia all the way to the finish line in August.  It’s a fight we cannot afford to loose. So make your voice heard!

Please add "container" to your last name when filling in our donation from so that we can allocate your donation to our campaign. 

Thank you for your support.