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About Pre-2014 Schools Climate Kit
The Pre-2014 Schools Climate Kit provided teachers with a comprehensive set of Lesson Plans around sustainability themes. There are curriculum-based lesson plans for Schools Clean Up Day for each State and Territory as well as specific sustainability themed Lesson Plans. The Climate Kit is targeted towards primary school students and the range of activities and resource links can be adapted for different year groups.
Clean Up Australia Day Lesson Plans
Teachers can involve students in Schools Clean Up Day as part of the curriculum. There is a Clean Up Australia Day Lesson Plan tailored to the curriculum of each State and Territory. Student participation in Schools Clean Up Day includes helping to plan the event, collecting and analysing data on rubbish retrieved, discussion about waste issues and reflection on involvement in the event.
Climate Kit - Waste and Recycling
Teachers can use the waste audit and other fun activities within these Lesson Plans to encourage students to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Teachers can use the Triple Bin Handbook or the Recycle Old Mobile Phone Lesson Plan to involve students in development and implementation of an integrated waste management program at school.
Climate Kit - Energy
Teachers can use the energy audit activity within this Lesson Plan to reinforce to students that there are environmental impacts associated with energy use. Teachers can use the example of batteries to teach students about the dangers of hazardous materials in the waste stream and the need to minimise waste in the first instance by using rechargeable batteries.
Climate Kit - Climate Change
Teaches can explore the basic elements of Climate Change in this series of Lesson Plans and Activities. Issues around green house gases, melting ice and the green house effect are ready for student learning.
Climate Kit - Water
Teachers can use these Lesson Plans and Activities to teach students about the importance of sustainable water management for humans and for wildlife. Students will reconsider the way they value water through involvement in the field trip and activities.
Climate Kit - Packaging
Teachers can use the Activities within these Lesson Plans to teach students about the environmental impacts of packaging. Students will consider the environmental impacts of packaging. They will learn about the waste hierarchy and how to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle!
Climate Kit - Ecological Footprint
Teachers can use this Lesson Plan and Activity to introduce the Environmental Footprint as a tool to measure personal impact upon the environment. Students will be encouraged to consider the ways in which their actions impact upon the environment.